Wednesday, January 10, 2018

University of Detroit Mercy Scholarship-2018

Many of you are aware that Lawrence Technological University (LTU) has offered scholarships to the top high school students who are accepted into their accredited architecture program. They are gracious enough to offer the same renewable scholarships this year to select students. See the program for LTU scholarship amounts. This year we are excited to announce that a second accredited architectural school is going to offer scholarships to the top high school students who are accepted into their accredited architecture program; University of Detroit Mercy (UDM).  The amount below are scholarship available from UDM only.See the program for LTU scholarship amounts.

High School SENIOR ($85,000 total award):
First place: 5 year renewable, $ 10,000 scholarship to UDM.  $ 50,000 total award.
Second place: 5 year renewable, $ 5,000 scholarship to UDM.  $ 25,000 total award.
Third place: 5 year renewable, $2,000 scholarship to UDM. $10,000 total award.

High School JUNIOR ($85,000 total award):
First place: 5 year renewable, $ 10,000 scholarship to UDM.  $ 50,000 total award.
Second place: 5 year renewable, $ 5,000 scholarship to UDM.  $ 25,000 total award.
Third place: 5 year renewable, $2,000 scholarship to UDM. $10,000 total award.

High School FRESHMAN / SOPHOMORE ($85,000 total award):
First place: 5 year renewable, $ 10,000 scholarship to UDM.  $ 50,000 total award.
Second place: 5 year renewable, $ 5,000 scholarship to UDM.  $ 25,000 total award.
Third place: 5 year renewable, $2,000 scholarship to UDM. $10,000 total award.

If a student is interested in becoming a licensed Architect, then I would highly suggest visiting these two colleges along with other accredited architecture schools you may be interested in. Every architecture program is different; each one offers a blend of different focuses such as urban design, construction, materials, historical, theoretical, sustainability, organic, artistic, technology and many of avenues of architecture. Both schools are within a 90 minute drive from Toledo in the Detroit area and always willing to show potential students around their small campuses and state of the art architectural facilities. When visiting, talk to current architecture students (they are always there,) look at the projects on display and peek into the studios to get a feeling of what the next 5 years minimum will be like if you venture into the architectural career. You can also talk to any HSDC committee members or the AIA advisor to find out what their college experience was like. Both of these schools and many others will be present at the award banquet in April.

Again, thank you LTU and UDM for your awesome contributions to improve the HSDC and provide opportunities for local visionaries into the architectural profession.

2018 HSDC Kickoff

Thank you for joining us again for our 68th year of the High School Design Competition. This year we teamed up with an organization called Bittersweet Farms located in Whitehouse, Ohio. Bittersweet Farms serves autistic adults in a farm setting on 80 acres of fields, woods and gardens that offer rich, varied, and abundant opportunities for self-paced, distraction-free activities that are perceived as immediately meaningful by their participants. With the increase of affected adults and decrease in skilled practitioners, Bittersweet Farms is developing a public clinical facility to host practitioner training and assist in identifying the abilities of persons from the entire spectrum of Autism Disorders in order to address their needs appropriately.

The project scope encompasses a facility for practitioners to work with current residents and public patients as well as provide a larger multipurpose room not currently available on the site.  The location allows for public access to the main road while keeping a distance from the resident housing. Adjacent to the new facility is a group of greenhouses along with a market that sells the produce as well as other goods made on site. The market is planned for further development to increase sales and public awareness of the facility. This is not in the scope of the project, but should be considered as a focal point during design. The client has asked that the new facility blend in with the rural context and existing structures. The design should utilize material selections with an emphasis on durability and environmentally-conscious design. See the full program below for more details, requirements and design awards.


Admin Building
Main Entrance
Greenhouses and Market
Main road looking North_Art Building
Main road looking South



Walking Path
More information will be posted on this site.

Good luck everyone!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Congratulations on your inspiring architectural designs

Thank you everyone who participated this year! This year we awarded 24 prizes to 19 students. That doesn't mean that the other boards were not masterpieces. Architecture, just like any other design related industry such as art, fashion, and graphics, is a very subjective trade. Every person, or judge in this case, has a preference in style, materials and spatial arrangements. This creates an emotional attachment to a particular design and it is one of the architect's tasks to convey that sentiment to the judge, client and/or occupant. For those other 45 students who have a passion for architecture, don't let this discourage you and try again next year.

Material Innovation Award:
Young Architects Forum

Erin Curley, Daniel Ebert, Tim Swartz

First place - Elizabeth Finney
[Penta Career Center]

Second place - Max Kokensparger
[Oak Harbor High School]

Northwest Ohio Chapter of USGBC
Farah Wissinger

First Place - Alexa Carlozzi
[St. Ursula Academy]

Second place - Corey Juhasz
[Penta Career Center]

Third Place - Tyler Frendt
[Anthony Wayne High School]

Bowling Green State University Architecture Department
D. Scot MacPherson

First place - Blade Lee
[Penta Career Center]

Second place - Max Kokensparger
[Oak Harbor High School]

John McCarty (National Museum of the Great Lakes)
Martin Schwartz (Lawrence Technological university)
Audie Bates (AIA Toledo)
Jim Sarks (AIA Toledo)

Junior High
First Place - Sydney Burns
[St. Ursula Academy]
Freshman / Sophomore

First Place - Congyu (Jeff) Luo
[Maumee Valley CDS]


Second Place - Kofi Korentang Ohene-Larbi
[St. Francis de Sales]

Third Place - Josephine Miller-Davis
[Anthony Wayne]
Honorable Mention - Donovan Tipton
[Start High School]
Honorable Mention - Vanessa Hudson
[Start High School]

First place - Nicole Dibling
[Perrysburg High School]

Second place - Austin Roth
[Anthony Wayne High School]

Third place - Blade Lee
[Penta Career Center]

Honorable Mention - Chris Fletcher
[Perrysburg High School]

Honorable Mention - Tyler Frendt
[Anthony Wayne High School]


First place - Max Kokensparger
[Oak Harbor High School]

Second Place - Zach Fitch
[Anthony Wayne High School]

Third place - Corey Juhasz
[Penta Career Center]

Fourth Place - Donavon March
[Penta Career Center]

Fifth - Cody Allen
[Penta Career Center]

Honorable Mention - Ian Riddle
[Penta Career Center]

Thank you to all of our donors, advisors, and  instructors and look forward to seeing you next year.

Monday, April 17, 2017

And the winner is...

…going to be announced on Wednesday, April 19th at 5:00 PM at One Seagate in downtown Toledo. Thank you everyone who participated (64 entries from 10 schools) and hope to see you at the banquet on Wednesday. We are also very excited to once again be bringing in 10 schools of architecture from 3 states to our Awards Ceremony.  They will have tables set up with information about their program and university.  This is an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about the different schools of architecture in our region.  They will be set up during the board viewing and potentially after the award presentations.

Ohio: Bowling Green State University, Miami University, Kent State University, Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati

Michigan: Lawrence Technological University, University of Michigan, University of Detroit Mercy

Indiana: Ball State University and University of Notre Dame 

Parking is available at the Vistula Garage at Summit and Cherry, across from One Seagate; the entrance on Superior Street at Orange. This parking facility is linked via underground concourse to One Seagate and the Imagination Station. Parking rates do apply for this event: ½ hour or less=$1; 4 hrs=$6.00; 24 hrs= $8.00.


Event Schedule

5:00 PM

Viewing of Student Entries, Appetizers Available,

Table Displays of various Architecture Programs from regional Colleges & Universities;

6:15 PM


Ellen Kennedy, Education Manager; Great Lakes Historical Society

Will Wittig, AIA, Dean of the School of Architecture; Professor of Architecture; University of Detroit Mercy


6:45 PM

Presentation of Awards
Instructors, if you did not participate this year, this is an excellent opportunity to view the students’ work, talk to other participating instructors and students, and get a better idea of what all is involved in the competition.

All award-winning boards will be kept by AIA Toledo for future presentations and will be returned at next year’s kick-off meeting, or through other arrangements with the HSDC committee.  All non-award-winning boards should be taken home after the awards ceremony.
Thank you to all the instructors and advisors for another great program. Winners will be posted soon after the ceremony.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Project Completion and Parent Release Form

The competition is coming to an end next week and we can’t wait to see what the students have envisioned for the future exhibition hall. The boards can be dropped off Wednesday March 22nd between 3:00-5:00 at the AIA Toledo office where we had the kickoff meeting at 521 West Woodruff Avenue. Please have TWO copies of the parent release form filled out legibly and sealed in an envelope attached to the back of the boards.

Congratulations on making it another year teachers and advisors, hope everyone enjoyed the program this year!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rendering Day - BGSU - February 24th

Are the students struggling to make the materials look visually correct?
Are they ready to throw the computer out the window due to technical difficulties?
Are they looking for help putting their visions in the program?


Bowling Green State University architecture students are willing to give up some of their time from their busy studies to help your students.

BGSU is hosting the annual Rendering Day to help the students to perfect their designs before the final deadline. Remember scholarships are up for grabs for the winners. Students should bring flash drives, tablets, laptops, prints, images or even just a sketch pad to learn techniques and tricks of the trade.

Friday, February 24th from 12:00-2:00

Park Avenue Warehouse Building, Park Avenue, Bowling Green, OH 43403.
One-day parking permits will be available upon arrival.  Buses will need to park off-site.  Instructions will be given upon arrival.

Bing Map

Please contact the HSDC committee via email if you plan on attending with your student count and mode of transportation by Friday February 17th so plans can be made accordingly.

See you there and looking forward to seeing a sneak peek at the visions for the Exhibition Hall!

Images from last years event

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rendering Day Date Change

After surveying everyone, February 24th worked much better for a majority of everyone’s schedules, so the date has been moved from February 17th to February 24th.  More details to follow shortly, but we wanted to get the date out to everyone so that you can plan accordingly.

Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Program RFI's

What is an RFI? A Request For Information is a common formal method for a contractor to gather data, clarifications and design intent information from the design professional or client. Like any project we have had a couple questions about the program intent. Here is a list of the questions and answers for further direction or clarification.


I know the digital site plan is coming but I wanted to clarify something. Site plan on program sheet is labeled at 1" = 100', but description elsewhere indicates it is 1" = 50'. I am fairly certain the latter is correct?


The Site plan should be 1”=100’-0’. AutoCAD file has been provided here:HSDC AutoCAD site


I have some students that would like to add a catering staging area / small kitchen area near the gallery space.  In addition, they are asking about storage for tables and chairs, etc. for the gallery space.  Lastly, some students are planning on raised platforms, etc. and will need elevators to access those spaces (FYI)

Lastly, can the boats be of varying sizes?  Some of the students are having difficulty planning the circulation space around 2700 SF of boats.


Additional spaces for a staging area / small kitchen area or storage space for the gallery are all acceptable provided they fit within the overall square footage of the gallery space.  Raised platforms with elevators or lifts are acceptable.  The boat sizes were given to us by the Great Lakes Historic Society, but they are average sizes.  Deviation from these sizes should be minimal.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or clarifications.

Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 HSDC Program - Exhibition Hall

Welcome back and thank you for participating in the 67th annual High School Design Competition. This year we worked with the Great Lakes Historical Museum to develop a program for an approximately 10,500 SF exhibition hall neighboring their new building, courtyard and harbor in the Marina District on Front street.

We hope you enjoy the challenges of this program and please contact us if you have any questions. responses will be posted on this blog as well as emailed out to the teachers.