Saturday, January 28, 2012

Question: Please explain the Boat Dock requirements?

As part of this year's site plan, we are requiring "Six (6) 25 ft long boat docks".  These are simply a place to moor a boat up to 25 feet long.  These can either be along the shore or parallel to the shore.  These can be made of wood, concrete, or any other common "dock" material (your advisor may have suggestions for materials).

Example Toilet Room

Updated toilet room plans have been posted for the 2012 competition.  The previously posted toilet room plans only had two toilets (or one urinal and one toilet); the current toilet room plans have three toilets (or two toilets and one urinal).

Toilet Room Plan (1/8" scale PDF)

Toilet Room Plan (DWG format)

Toilet Room Plan (DXF format)

These toilet room plans are to be used as an example or starting point for toilet room design; if you wish to enhance them with any design features feel free to do so.  Students are not required to use these exact toilet design if they have another design that responds to their design better (and maintains functionality & accessibility).

Site Plan - Required Scale Fixed!

On the original program, there were discrepancies between the scale shown on the site plan and the site plan shown on the sheet.  All should be 1" = 50'-0"; the current links have been updated to include this revision:

2012 Program Sheet (PDF, 5.83 MB, 24x36)

The CAD versions of the site plan are posted at the following links:
DWG format
DXF format

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Program Posted

Our competition kickoff meeting is today at 4:00 pm at the AIA Toledo Office.  Representatives of Visions of Cullen Park will be present, along with the AIA Toledo High School Design Competition Committee, to reveal this year's project as well as answer any questions you may have about the 62nd (!) annual competition.

If you are unable to attend the competition, don't worry!  You can still participate.  Just send us an email message and we will put your class on our list.  We will distribute two paper program sheets per class, in addition to having the program sheet available online (at the link below).

This year's project is a multi-purpose park building for Cullen Park near Point Place in Toledo.  The site has a rich history and a great location, and we look forward to seeing the students' creativity this year!

You can access the program sheet at the following link (select "File > Download Original" on the screen to download these files to your computer):

2012 Program Sheet (PDF, 5.83 MB, 24x36)

The CAD versions of the site plan are posted at the following links:
DWG format
DXF format

Instructors, please send you student list to as soon as possible!  We will be working to assign advisors to every participating high school before the end of January.

Student participation forms will be updated and posted to this website; we will send announcements when they become available.

We look forward to a great competition this year!

Project Site - Cullen Park