Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More scholarship awards

Many of you are aware that Lawrence Technological University (LTU) has offered scholarships to the top high school students who are accepted into their accredited architecture program. They are gracious enough to offer the same renewable scholarships this year to select students. This year we are excited to announce that a second accredited architectural school is going to offer scholarships to the top high school students who are accepted into their accredited architecture program; University of Detroit Mercy (UDM). See attached letter from Will Wittig, Dean and professor from the UDM School of Architecture. 

If a student is interested in becoming a licensed Architect, then I would highly suggest visiting these two colleges along with other accredited architecture schools you may be interested in. Every architecture program is different; each one offers a blend of different focuses such as urban design, construction, materials, historical, theoretical, sustainability, organic, artistic, technology and many of avenues of architecture. Both schools are within a 90 minute drive from Toledo in the Detroit area and always willing to show potential students around their small campuses and state of the art architectural facilities. When visiting, talk to current architecture students (they are always there,) look at the projects on display and peek into the studios to get a feeling of what the next 5 years minimum will be like if you venture into the architectural career. You can also talk to any HSDC committee members or the AIA advisor to find out what their college experience was like. Both of these schools and many others will be present at the award banquet in April.

Again, thank you LTU and UDM for your awesome contributions to improve the HSDC and provide opportunities for local visionaries into the architectural profession.


Program RFI's

What is an RFI? A Request For Information is a common formal method for a contractor to gather data, clarifications and design intent information from the design professional or client. Like any project we have had a couple questions about the program intent. Here is a list of the questions and answers for further direction or clarification.

1.     Is there a required layout or orientation of the main pool area?

a.     The only requirement is that the 75’x75’ general pool has (4) 10’x20’ finger pools for specific functions in an H shape. Student may offset, shift or rotate the layout of these 5 pool areas as they wish. Two BIM/CAD Pools REVIT families are in the resource folders; one is a set 75’x75’ H shape pool, the other is a parametric pool that that can be pieced together to offset or shift the finger pool in any location. Student can also create or modify the given resources anyway they want to arrange the pool in any fashion to resemble an overall H shaped layout. Below are some examples:
2.     The program states there are to be (10) individual private shower/toilet areas at 75 s.f. each.  Are they individual rooms with toilets and sinks?  Are they grouped together? 

a.     The Individual private shower/toilet areas are to include a shower, toilet, and sink however the fixtures do not need to be shown on the floor plan.  The designer can incorporate the location as they see fit however they need to be adjacent to the pool area and accessible for public camp use.

3.     Can the building be multistory?

a.     The facility may be one or two stories, but remember to protect the views of the lake from the future Dining Hall at the top of the hill.  If the student decides to design a multiple story facility then the building shall include a minimum of one staircase (minimum 4’ wide) and an elevator shaft (6’x8’).

4.     In lieu of creating a rendering, can a student build contours out of foam core and then 3D print all of the buildings to create a model? 

a.     Physical 3D models may be constructed rather than digital renderings, however photos need to be taken and placed on the board to be submitted at the completion of the project for judging. 3D models were phased out of the HSDC as an award category with digital rendering capabilities becoming available in schools. The student is more that welcome to bring their constructed model to display at the awards banquet in April. If there is are a decent amount of physical models this year, this award may be placed back in the award list for the 2017 program.

5.     Should the design take into consideration safety, security or controlled access to the pool area?

a.     Ideally the main entrance into the pool area should be through the entry lobby past the check-in area. Students should be conscious of the general pool area access, but nothing is required to isolate or protecting the area. Students may choose to place a fence, retaining wall, vegetation, seating or any other obstacles that may address this issue, but not required.
Thank you for the great questions and please feel free to email us if you have any more.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rendering Day - BGSU - February 19th

Are the students struggling to make the materials look visually correct?
Are they ready to throw the computer out the window due to technical difficulties?
Are they looking for help putting their visions in the program?


Bowling Green State University architecture students are willing to give up some of their time from their busy studies to help your students.

BGSU is hosting the annual Rendering Day to help the students to perfect their designs before the final deadline. Remember scholarships are up for grabs for the winners. Students should bring flash drives, tablets, laptops, prints, images or even just a sketch pad to learn techniques and tricks of the trade.

Friday, February 19th from 12:00-2:00


Park Avenue Warehouse Building, Park Avenue, Bowling Green, OH 43403.
NOTE:  This is NOT the same building as last year.  The architecture department has moved into a new facility!
One-day parking permits will be available upon arrival.  Buses will need to park off-site.  Instructions will be given upon arrival.
BGSU map link


Please contact the HSDC committee via email if you plan on attending with your student count and mode of transportation by Friday February 12th so plans can be made accordingly.

See you there and looking forward to seeing a sneak peek at the visions for the Aquatic Center!