Friday, March 16, 2012

More Questions & Answers

There's only a couple weeks left until projects are due, so hopefully the students' plans are starting to shape up and they're starting to think about how this is going to be presented.

Sorry for the late response, but there are a few questions which we realized had not yet been responded to.  These affect program elements, although they will hopefully clarify the project:

1) Can the 1000 sf patio be split up to be used with the bird watching station is station is detached from larger structure? 
The patio cannot be split; it must remain one space.

2) Can a student fill in the shoreline and create a break wall/seawall type of structure?. (on the side where current loading docks are, and they would of course stay within the development zone)  
Yes, this is allowed.

3) Is the 1/4 acre for Habitat Restoration need to be within the development zone as well? The habitat restoration area can be outside the development zone.  
Habitat Restoration zone is no longer required, it is now optional, but recommended.  "Habitat Restoration" is simply an area of the site that is reserved for native plants and/or animals to reside; further specifics of the type of habitat being restored are not necessary.

4) There is some confusion regarding the sustainability and site features requirements.
Change the last paragraph under “The Project” to read: 
The project will incorporate a building of no more than 3,300 square feet. Please consider sustainability issues and utilize at least one (1) item from the Sustainable Building Features listed below. Also, please consider at least three (3) items from the list of Site Features listed below.
Under the heading “Required Site Features” delete the word “Required”. Please show three (3) of the seven (7) Site Features on the site plan. 

5)  As those who visited the site know, there are two beacons on the site that, when aligned, guide watercraft along the dredged channel in to the boat launch.  We recommend keeping these beacons where they are (or, if you remove them, add provisions to replace them), but since it is late in the project that will not be a required site feature.  If you did make special provisions to keep these elements please make a note of it in your project description or on your site plan so the judges are aware of it.

6)  Will there be a Rendering Day this year?
No, there will not be a Rendering Day for the 2012 competition.  Instructors, if you think we should bring this back for the 2013 competition please let one of the Committee members know; we cancelled it due to apparent lack of interest in previous years.

We will be posting the student information sheet soon, so keep an eye on this site for the latest updates!