Tuesday, January 8, 2013

AIA HS Design Competition Kickoff TODAY!

We apologize for the terribly short notice…

The AIA Toledo High School Design Competition kickoff meeting will be today (Tuesday, January 8) at 4:00 pm at the AIA Toledo Office (521 W. Woodruff Ave., Toledo).

Instructors, advisors, and interested students are welcome to attend and see what this year’s program will be, as well as have the first opportunity to ask questions regarding the project.

Also, if you are an instructor who had winning students last year, the winning boards will be available.

If you cannot attend the kickoff, that’s OK; we’ll post the program sheet to the website by the end of the week, and mail it to the instructors who have told us that their school will be participating.  Please let us know if your school is participating by the end of the month so we trim the email list down to only the people who need to be on it and aren’t cluttering up everyone’s inbox.

Good luck, and we hope for great design!