Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Program Q&A #1

The 2013 competition is well underway, and we have received questions from several schools regarding the program.  So without further fanfare, here is the Q&A:

Is there going to be a model portion of the competition this year?
Due to the reduced quantity of models that have been submitted in recent years, there will not be a model competition this year.  The "Architectural Detail Competition" has replaced that.

Will there be a rendering day this year?
Again, due to lack of attendees the last few times we had it, there will be no rendering day this year.  Architectural advisers are encouraged to provide advice to the students, and may pull in outside help if needed.

Can my students draw their plans at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale?
The 1/8" = 1'-0" scale shown on the program sheet is the minimum; students are allowed to draw their plans at 1/4" = 1'-0" as an alternative.  Please make floor plans, elevations and building section the same scale.

Can I stack the 2 units of the duplex and place the ADA unit on the first floor and the second unit on the upper floor?
Yes.  Units are not necessarily required to be side-by-side.  There must be ground-level access to the upper floor unit.

I have several students interested in possible solutions that would result in shared driveways / common areas distributed over all 4 parcels. This is being explored in the interest of creating a mini community of sorts.  Is this permissible?
Yes; however keep in mind that indoor and living areas must be separate.

Each of the 4 units is to be a duplex, correct, for 2 families? Does just one of the two in the duplex have to be handicap accessible, or both?
Each of the 4 buildings is the be a duplex, for a total of 8 dwelling units.  The accessible unit applies to just one of the two units of the duplex (although both may be accessible, at the student's option).

On the site plan, do the students need to show just one unit (duplex) and just indicate the others?
Just one duplex needs to be designed; the other three can be "boxes" on the site plan.