Wednesday, March 13, 2013

YAF Architectural Design Detail Award

The optional YAF Architectural Design Detail (a.k.a. "Divine Detail") award was listed on the 2013 program as a new award for this year's competition.  This award was added to replace the former model building competition (which had waned in popularity in recent years due to the use of 3D computer models).

A description of the criteria and requirements for this optional portion of the competition are as follows:

Show us your creative details…….. elegant roof feature, connection of differing exterior materials, cabinet details; interior wall assembly, highlighted site element, etc.; whatever the elements, celebrate design and the rigor you’ve brought into designing them.
This detail should be enlarged to a scale that clearly represents the aspect in which you are trying to indicate and still fit on the final presentation board. A brief description of 25 words or less should accompany the detail.
As your instructors and advisors may tell you, there are an almost infinite variety of details that will qualify for this award, thus the requirements are loose.  If you have a unique detail or feature in your design, we recommend you take the extra step to point it out and put your project in the running for additional recognition!

This award is sponsored by the AIA Toledo Young Architects' Forum, a group of emerging architectural professionals (many of whom are HSDC advisors).