Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Program Sheet

This year's competition project will be an Event Pavilion, Clock Tower and Outdoor Plaza for the Marina District on Toledo's East Side. We would like to thank Dillin Corp. (developer of the Marina District) for their assistance in creating this year's program.

Please see the links below for the 2010 competition.
Competition entries are due March 30, 2010 at Rossi & Associates (970 S. Byrne Rd., Toledo).

2010 Competition Program (PDF, 24x36)
This is the program sheet for this year in full 24x36 format. Please note that each school participating will get two (2) paper copies of this form, either at the kickoff meeting or via mail after confirming participation.

Entry forms
These forms are to be turned in with completed project; tape an envelope to the back of EACH BOARD with the following filled out in each; 2 copies total.
Student Information Form and Parents' Media Release (PDF)
Please note that all student entrants need to fill out an information form/ media waiver and attach one copy to the back of each board (as described in the program above).
College/University Choice form (PDF)
Seniors are required to fill out a "College/University Choice" form and include it in each of the envelopes. This is to help the committee in distribution of scholarships; some of the awards require a student to be enrolled in either architecture or a related field, and we would like to know a student's plans in advance. Please note that the boards are judged anonymously, and not based on the student's college choice.

Site Plans - UPDATED 1/27
Site plan scale issues have been corrected with the files below; site plans are at full scale.
  • DWG format (AutoCAD format)
  • DXF format (for AutoCAD or other CAD programs)
  • Images of the site development plans are at the Picasa gallery below:
2010 Resources