Thursday, March 11, 2010

Questions & Answers

  1. Why do the roads "in white", from the original colored layout that was given out at the meeting, drastically differ from the site plan posted on the web? Which one is considered the final design? Use the CAD file on the website as the "latest" layout. The color graphic is a "conceptual" layout for the development, which is typically revised several times over the years-long planning process.
  2. Are all of the outside elements such as landscape boxes included in the pavement square footage (2400 sq. ft.)? All of the outside elements may be included in the 2400 sq. ft. of pavement except landscape beds and fountains. The intent of the 2400 sq. ft of hardscape is to provide a space for outdoor events, concerts, gatherings, etc.
  3. The program sheet says the students don't need to make the Clock Tower but provide the base for it. What is the size of the base? How big will the tower be? Also is the tower at the East or West side of the Project site plan? The program requires a minimum of one elevation of the clock tower; the base is all that needs to be shown on the floor/site plan. The tower is approx. 85 feet tall (per program), but we did not require a specific footprint area for the tower at the base because it could vary greatly based on the student’s concept.
  4. Is the square footage of the restrooms (150) for both mens and womens combined or 150 for each? Please use 150 sq. ft. for each toilet room (total 300 sq. ft.).